We provide home delivery of L.P. Gas, Gas Burners, Safety Gas Regulators and Hose for your cooking needs. We also support gas burner repairs and services and trouble-shooting of gas leak and responses. Our latest product to homes is the Mosquito Magnet Machine that effectively destroy mosquito. We provide monthly maintenance and servicing of the machine by our experienced technician.

Domestic Gas Appliances and Services :

  1. Table Top Gas Burners – Single and Double

  2. Built-In Cooker Hob and Hood

  3. L.P. Gas Cylinders, Safety Regulator and Hose

  4. Portable Gas Cartridges

  5. Gas BBQ Grillers for Outdoors

  6. Gas Cartridge Burners for Outdoors

  7. Party Coolers for Gatherings

  8. Mosquito Magnet Machines

  9. Air Free Purifier

  10. Rental of BBQ Grillers and Mosquito Magnet Machines for Gatherings in your home gardens

Contact Information

No. 17 Defu Lane 11, Singapore 539173
Telephone: 6287 2220, 6287 7055 | Fax: 6288 1151