We have many years of experience in the installation of gas piping and gas equipments in the commercial sectors like canteens, production area etc. We also have experience technicians that will be able to customize the gas piping according to individual needs and also the applications for approvals by FSB.

In the food commercial sector, we also have a lot of experiences in the design and laying of gas piping used in coffeeshops, canteens, food courts, restaurant etc. We provide commercial gas burners and  other gas equipments used in the food industries.

Commercial Gas Appliances and Services :

  1. Customized Gas Piping and Installations

  2. Kitchen Equipments :

    • Deep Fryers
    • Rice Cookers
    • Food Warmers
    • Soup Pot
    • Gas Torches
    • BBQ Grillers
    • Cast Iron Burners
    • Infra-red Burners
    • SRG / TPA Gas Regulators, High and Low Pressure



Contact Information

No. 17 Defu Lane 11, Singapore 539173
Telephone: 6287 2220, 6287 7055 | Fax: 6288 1151